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Agito 2.0 by finchzero Agito 2.0 by finchzero
Millennium Exile OC: Agito Noreaga

Character Design: Me
Artist: :iconntdevont:
Edits made?: None.
Artists Original Image:

As some of you know, halfway throughout the story, Agito becomes infected by Vampire blood. (I'm not telling how) :P
He cannot lift this curse however with some training from the "Lineage Clan", Agito learns to control his new found power, giving him the ability to faze in and out of this Vampiric state.
In Vampire form, Agito's skin and hair goes a few shades lighter and his eyes change from purple to golden.
He attains speeds impossible to reach by human training, his nails grow into claws that can tear through metals, all 5 senses are heightened drastically and he gains the ability to heal or regrow lost limbs "almost" immediately after sustaining the damage.
As the Sunstrider crystal (the crystal around his neck) is the catalyst for a "holy" fire and lightning; he is unable to use his elemental power whilst in Vampire mode without burning his body horribly.
Essentially this means he can only use one set of powers at a time.

THIS is Agito at his best :)

Here is a link to Agito before his Vampiric state:…

Yet another picture of awesomeness from the great and talented :iconntdevont:

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:iconntdevont: Looking forward to seeing more from you man, Keep up the fantastic work!
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